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A&T Kettlebell Club Member Testimonials

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After finding out from a physical that I had hypertension and was border line diabetic I was told that I would go on medication. I decided to join a gym before I took the medication. I joined Fit & Trim because it wasn't the normal boring gym. Aaron is very knowledgeable on fitness and kettlebells. Since I have been going to Fit & Trim, my blood pressure has gone down and I am no longer diabetic. Also my cardio and strength has gone up. I look forward to my kettlebell workout. Fit & Trim has added years to my life and will continue to go! 

Justin L.-Beacon

Choosing to become a member at Fit & Trim was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Aaron is an excellent instructor and provides a warm and comfortable environment. His passion for instructing is evident as he always encourages his members to do the best they can. He works with his members to make sure that they are able to hit there goals. His wife Tiffany is also very knowledgeable and helpful. She is constantly encouraging members during the workouts. I've been a member there for a few months and have seen positive changes. My body fat and weight has decreased, while my strength, stamina, and work capacity has increased. I'm very proud and fortunate to be able to workout in a gym that helps people reach their potential and at the same time is fun. I highly recommend this gym because I feel it can truly change lives for the better.

Steve C.-Wappingers Falls

First and foremost -Extremely friendly and inviting staff. Then a killer workout! Aaron is very motivational and positive and will cater to your level of fitness. I will be returning on a regular basis for his unique workouts. Thanks FIT & TRIM for an awesome workout and overall great experience!
Marc H.-Fishkill